Who we are

Key Objectives - Children

Harmony House's key objectives are to provide a safe, fun, educational and a loving environment for children and women living in the near by slums. With many of its children attending school only for a few hours in the morning or not at all, Harmony House allows the children to break away from the harsh climate of their usual surroundings and spend their free time in enjoyable, stimulating and nurturing surroundings. We also provide breakfast, lunch and evening snacks to all, hygiene facilities, medication and social services.

We have started vocational classes for the older kids to help them have a better future. The courses that we are currently focusing on are yoga, stitching and beauticians course. The objective is to train these kids so by the time they are 18 they can pick up respectable jobs and have enough training and experience to back them up.

Key objectives - Women and the community

At Harmony House, we strive to provide benefits and create alliances with the entire surrounding community. Where possible our essential purchases, whether it be vegetables, stationary or toiletries, should be supplied by a local vendor thus making all donations advantageous not just for Harmony House but for the whole area. We also encourage the mothers of our children to come and participate in the daily events at Harmony House. A major obstacle that many mothers who want to work face is childcare. In many instances the older children in a family will be required to take care of the younger siblings making it impossible for the children to attend school. Because we accept children from 0-16 years, the whole family are welcome and more importantly, together. Women can earn a wage by helping within the facility.

Our cook, cleaners and classroom assistants all have children who attend Harmony House. We are also developing a program for women who will be able to learn new skills, see a doctor and get social and welfare advice.


Harmony House currently operates two shelters that collectively care for over 450 children of all ages. The shelters have different rooms that operate as classrooms for children of different age groups, activity areas, communal kitchens, libraries, computer sections, dining rooms and medical clinics. The children's rooms are stocked with brightly coloured classroom furniture, white boards, reading and mathematic courses, arts and crafts resources, stimulating games and toys, writing materials and topical posters making it an exciting and motivating space to learn.

Staff and volunteers

Although we are a community centre and not a school, we strive to provide our children with a well rounded education. Our key carers are fully trained and experienced teachers who understand the complete needs of our children. As well as teaching the children Hindi, English, mathematics, science, music, arts and crafts, and cooking, teachers also incorporate social studies into their lesson plans. Our children are taught nutrition, hygiene and moral issues to help them cope better in their home environment.

Our wonderful volunteers share their own skills with our women and children, from yoga, dance and music to sewing, cooking, medical and wellbeing advice. We rely heavily on volunteers to provide extra curricular opportunities and are extremely grateful to anyone to shares their time and skills with us.

Our full time manager, Meghna Eidnani is responsible for the overall management of Harmony House as well as generating awareness and financial support.