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Lucy Bruce wins Emirates Woman of the Year Award

Lucy Bruce, ambassador of the Delhi-based Harmony House charity walked away as the proud winner of the prestigious Emirates Woman of the Year award, in the Humanitarian category, held at a gala dinner awards ceremony at the Park Hyatt on November 23, 2010.

This award comes as welcome validation for Lucy's tireless initiatives in her visionary project that has been able to impact the lives of destitute children and women living on the outskirts of India's capital.

Currently in its second year since inception, Lucy fosters great aspirations for Harmony House and hopes to continue to receive the unwavering support of those who have believed in her philanthropic efforts.


Activities at Harmony House

12th Aug 2010 - Teej Celebrations - Harmony House celebrated the popular Indian festival of Teej which is a Hindu tradition that embraces the arrival of the monsoon rains after the long drawn out draught of the summer. The celebrations which was organised by our staff included dancing, singing, having fun with henna and children were given colourful clothes.

15th Aug 2010 - Independence Day celebrations sponsored and organized by Gurgaon Millennium City Round Table - Independence day was celebrated across India on 15th Aug and this was no exception at Harmony House. Our children displayed their national pride by taking part in the raising of the Indian flag and singing the National Anthem followed by a yummy feast of bananas, samosas, ice cream and sweets. As a wonderful surprise the organizers, GMCRT showered our little ones with gifts including puzzles, dolls and art equipment and they were even given Indian sweets to take home to their parents.

We would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to the team at GMCRT for taking the time to organise and fund such a fabulous day that meant the world to our children.


Harmony House Outings

13th Aug 2010 – Harmony House children visit World of Wonders Kindergarten to celebrate Independence Day - A group of our younger children were invited to join the fabulous staff and children at the World of Wonder Kindergarten to help them celebrate Independence Day. Our children were treated to a royal spread with celebrations including singing and dancing. Best of all they got to play and interact with the children who attended.

Sincere thanks to Mrs. Mandakani for this wonderful initiative allowing children, who are often worlds apart although they are neighbours, to come together. A very important lesson for adults and children alike. Thank you x.

Fund Raising Events

30th July 2010 – Movie Premier of 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai' organized by Gurgaon Millennium City Round Table

We are extremely grateful to the GMCRT for organizing their movie premier fundraising event for Harmony House. Not only did the attendees get to watch a great film, they also contributed towards the running of Harmony House.

Thank you to every one who showed up to support this great initiative.