In the beginning

Husband and wife, Lucy Bruce and Gaurav Sinha are the ambassadors of Harmony House. British born Lucy and Indian national Gaurav now live in Dubai but frequently visit Delhi, where Gaurav’s family reside. Gaurav’s mother, Uma Sinha, and brother, Gautam Sinha on the board of trustees in India and are actively involved with Harmony House. The family-run project is driven by a passion to give back something to those in need. The Harmony House concept was born in December 2008 and the house eventually opened its doors in December 2009.

Harmony House has only been made possible thanks to the support of the people who have shared our vision and actively made it happen. Without their support there would be no Harmony House.

It is humbling and heart-warming to know that so many people care about the lives of strangers who are in desperate need of help. Our prayers and thanks are for you.

Harmony House is now going from strength to strength and providing children in need with the provisions, opportunities and care that all children deserve.